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December 25, 2013
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Merry Chrsitmas and a happy holiday to all by FoxHarvard Merry Chrsitmas and a happy holiday to all by FoxHarvard
A merry Christmas to all, on this wonderful day. Cliche or not, this has always been the perfect time for a little extra love, a little extra forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

Whether you choose to celebrate this particular day or not, everyone can get behind the spirit of the holiday--it's about hope, about love, and maybe most importantly, about believing in the impossible. But that self same spirit can continue far beyond the holiday itself; sometimes when you feel the least that's when others actually might need you the most. And if you can make that happen for someone then you'll find you just might have turned their life around. Reach out to those who might need you--or need anyone--this holiday season; you'll find yourself a better person for sharing yourself selflessly, and someone will find their life richer because of you.

I say this especially today because I had the sincere pleasure of experiencing my first, true Christmas miracle. And for that I'd like to thank all of my true friends & family and everyone else who cares for us. I'd also like to thank my daughter, Katie, for bringing a different kind of miracle into my life this year. Every single day is like Christmas with you. But most importantly, and certainly not the least of which by any means, I'd like to thank my one, true love, Michelle. Without you my life would simply not be complete. You have stood by me through thick and thin and have literally been my only inspiration for ever picking up my art again after so many years of not doing so. You're more than just my love or my partner, or even my muse; you're the one, true love of my life and for that--no matter how hard I try--I will always owe you a debt I shall never be able to repay. And as for that, I cannot wait to marry you; to have a family with you, to grow old and grey with you. You will never be out of my heart and never be out of my life, and I think the entire world needs to know when a love like that truly exists. I love you more than anything else on this earth.

So to everyone who might need a well-spring of joy this Christmas, don't just look for it yourself; go out and give it to someone around you--you'll find the rest will come back tenfold when you need it the most. So a Merry Christmas and truly Happy Holiday to everyone who reads this or finds it in their heart to share it with others. I am truly blessed this Christmas and for that I could not be more grateful.

Thank you.
NB-PhotoArt Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I was very moved by your message. And I'm very happy for you. I hope you will continue your inspiring work next year and beyond.
FoxHarvard Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you very much.
NB-PhotoArt Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome.
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